Dr. Frieder,

My second session was absolutely wonderful. As powerful as the first, but in totally different ways. It seemed to build upon what was moved and shifted from our first session. I cannot help but feel that the C2 adjustment was just what my body needed. And, a close second was the thoracic spine/shoulder blade adjustment. I am thrilled to be an active participant with you as a guide to my spiritual awakening and healing.

Thank you for igniting my interest/passion/fire with homeopathy. What amazing tools, insights, and natural remedies to support my body’s healing. I feel totally blessed to be working with you, Dr. Frieder!


Hi Dr. Frieder,

This note is long overdue.

I am a Dance professional having traveled the world performing, dancing on Broadway and teaching and choreographing for theatrical productions. I found one adage to be true. If you don’t have your health, – you don’t have anything. Because of previous spine injuries from High school and college football, I found myself in constant pain in the lower back and neck areas.

These areas remained a constant problem during my 20 year dance career.
As I approached my 40s my flexibility and agility declined to a point where I was having difficulty even walking with severe sciatica lasting for weeks even months.
I had resigned to the fact that age was catching up with me and my body had deteriorated to a point of no return. Sadness depression, all the things that happen when you are in constant physical pain predominated my thoughts and actions. I was very limited to light stretching and just walking for exercise.
Enter- man wearing white guayabera and a bright beaming smile.

Dr. Glenn Frieder diagnosed and addressed my spinal and organ functions. With only a handful of visits I found myself able to exercise for longer periods of time and having more energy.
Now a year later, I am 30 pounds lighter and am back to dancing and even performing with no pain. Dr. Glenn Frieder is not only a genius when it comes to anatomical function, but he truly is gifted. I would highly recommend any human on this planet to see him for a truly “Holistic”

Experience.! Now at Age 50 I feel like am 30 again.
Thank you! Dr. Frieder for giving me quality of life back ! You said it and it happened – “Expect a Miracle” !

Sincerely, Tony Caligagan
Professional Dancer/Choreographer
Business Owner

Dr. Frieder is a miracle worker! I was in a car accident several years ago & I went to a very good chiropractor. However, my arm was not healing. I had the great good luck to hear about Dr. Frieder from a friend, who had been scheduled for shoulder surgery. Dr. Frieder cured her in 2 sessions and no surgery needed! Indeed, he put me back together as well.
They should have taken Humpty Dumpty to Dr. Frieder!! In fact, Dr. Frieder also solved another medical problem I was having. I had an eye problem and was using over the counter eye drops. Dr. Friender reccomended homeopathic eye drops, which gave me more eye comfort and clearer vision.
C. Basu

I recently had the great fortune of being treated by Dr. Glenn Frieder for chronic headaches. I have suffered with headaches my entire life – and at age 51 – they were arising more frequently and more intensely. Over the years, I have consulted with hundreds of professionals – chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, naturopaths, homeopaths, energy healers.
You name the profession – I’ve seen them all in name of treating my headaches.

… And then I met Dr Frieder. He is, without question, in a class by himself. A TRUE HEALER. In just three short sessions, he used a brilliantly integrated approach, targeting the source of my headaches and releasing me from lifelong pain and discomfort.

I am SO GRATEFUL to Dr. Frieder and I am in awe of his abilities. He is MAGIC. I only wish that I lived nearby so I could see him on a regular basis.

I am forever grateful that there is such an exceptional healer on this planet. And even more grateful that I met him.

Thank you Dr. Frieder – for sharing your tremendous gifts and for helping me to finally be pain free and emotionally freer.

Namaste, Lori Dennis- Psychotherapist
Toronto, Canada

“In only three sessions Dr. Frieder corrected most of my Scoliosis, realigned the bones of my skull so my face is even, guided me through a deep emotional release, and greatly increased my sense of well-being.”
~B. Stone, Ph D, Author of Cancer as Initiation: Surviving the Fire

“Thank you for changing my life forever. After 30 years of agony,
you helped me feel good again.”
~A. Clarke

“You have made such a positive impact on my life. My physical health and
my attitude have never been better. I’ve never experienced health-care like
this at any level.”
~R. Seiler

“I keep thinking about how Acacia Health Center healed me from my terrible, painful rheumatoid arthritis which doctors told me could not be healed. I am so grateful I can walk and run again.”
~D. Hagen

“The doctors told me I would be on pain medication for the rest of my life. I never dreamed I would be able to play tennis and ride my bike again, but I am now doing those things with no pain. Each time I visit Acacia Health Center it is like magic.”
~C. Kramer

“For over 20 years I suffered from unbearable migraines, some lasting up to 15 days. After only four cranial treatments with Dr Frieder, the headaches were eliminated and I have been pain free and migraine free for three years. I feel like I have my life back again.”
~R. Wittenberg

Deanna Allen wrote:
Homeopathy is very high on my appreciation and gratefulness list. I feel my session with Glenn yesterday in the two hours that he was treating me was beyond one of the greatest miracles I’ve experienced.
Dr. Glenn Frieder helped to rewire my nervous system that has been out of whack since the tour bus hit me in 1992. I have three metal caps on my back Teeth That Were Fractured from That Accident and I Recognize That I Need to Get the Metal Out Of My Mouth. I was teary-eyed halfway through my session knowing that a huge gift from the heavens had come to me in those two hours that I was being treated. This is the best I have felt in my body in my entire life. I would say mind body Spirit all inclusive. It probably supported my session to have arrived at Dr. Frieder’s yesterday after completing a seven day detox at optimum health Institute. My goal was to have my TMJ treated. I left with my jaw in perfect alignment no clicking no tension no pressure no pain. The gift of my two traumatic brain injuries from the car accidents would be that it heals with the support from so many different priceless healers in my life. My heart is full of love gratefulness and gratitude. Thank you David Fuess for connecting me with Glenn.

“Glenn Barry Frieder is my go to healer health promoter for over 2 decades and has helped several family members. I transitioned through menopause with ease, he helped me heal from back injury after having a horse fall on me, he helped my elderly mom to stop falling, he helped my friend manage pain through chemo treatments, my young nieces recover from disease, my son recover from motorcycle injuries, the lists goes on. Dr Frieder I selfishly hope you teach others who will provide a fraction of what you do, as I truly don’t know where I would be in my health without you! 💜”
~Happy Patient

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