Homeopathic class

March 4-5

Watch this video first:

“Most Chiropractors need some serious training… all they do is just try to get you to sign up for their contracts without even knowing if they have the skills and services to help.”
Valerie: Psychiatric Clinician

Do you hear patients saying this about Chiropractors?

It’s sad to know that many of our colleagues are just “Rice crispy practitioners”. Patient volume and financial gain is the focus of their practices…

Marketing strategies are needed because people drop out not achieving any significant changes. Only more contracts and ploys to keep them coming without the results they came for.

Are you frustrated seeing patients not responding to care the way that you would love to support them in their ability to heal?
Our world needs healing now more than ever!

As so many have requested, I’ve finally prepared a class that will change your ability to assist healing that may previously have been unresponsive.

Einstein said: “We wouldn’t solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them”

This is a relevant statement, and there’s a whole different paradigm available to you. A different way of understanding the wisdom of our bodies that we must be able to integrate into our practices. A new perspective with the ability to integrate and potentiate our nervous systems beyond anything that is being taught anywhere else. When our nervous systems are integrated, our biochemistry is balanced, our emotional wounds neutralized, our potential to heal is unlimited. This is what I will teach you in this workshop. The best part is teaching our patients to understand and know when simply need self-care versus when they need our services.

I would like to share a few patient quotes with you:

“If you want to get adjusted, see a chiropractor, if you want to be healed, go see Frieder” – Dr EB ND

“YOU ARE A MIRACLE WORKER!!! I am so grateful that you worked my sister into your schedule as quickly as you did, and it was almost unbelievable the INSTANT transformation!!! The family met for dinner last night and Donna was all dressed up with hair and make-up, the light was back in her face, she said she had absolutely NO VERTIGO and the ringing in her ears was 60% GONE! NO NAUSEA! She was talking and laughing. All of this from a woman who has barely been able to function for months! I got my sister back!
You’re an angel!!!!! THANK YOU!”
Roby – Minister

“Dr Frieder is the Healer’s Healer. He is funny, smart and above all he gives you useful highly effective techniques that you will use day after day.” – David Cushing Fuess. Former Editor of The Well Street Journal /International Teacher

I’m sorry, not bragging, but I get texts like this every week!
My secret… Homeopathy and a simple protocol to follow the language of our body’s expression and the order in which to correct the expression.

I’ve been studying homeopathy for the past 47 years. Homeopathy literally saved my life and got me serious about studying the modality. After attending three years at Hahnemann Homeopathic college and another two years with a master Homeopath plus multiple seminars, over the years I’ve learned to simplify the use of homeopathy by integrating it with chiropractic techniques.
You will learn how to diagnose, educate, and facilitate healing quickly and easily.

This is what I would like to share with you by simplifying what seems to have been so complicated for so many.

I decided to hold this class at a venue where you can stay here in north county San Diego (Rancho Santa Fe) which is comfortable, with excellent food, and a peaceful environment. This will be a two-day conference from 9am-6pm Saturday & Sunday March 4-5, 2023.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided on Saturday. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Sunday. Snacks and drinks will be available throughout both days. The meals will be health oriented and designed for keeping you focused and alert for what will be the best clinical skills you’ve ever learned.

I’ve even hired a pastry chef to prepare desserts that are vegan, gluten free, and very low sugar. The best desserts I’ve ever had without causing glycemic shock.

There will be 2 to 3 guest speakers for one hour each, all experts in their fields of Homeopathy and Energy Medicine.

Homeopathic kits, Bach Flower Essence kits, supplies, notebooks, reference materials, and clinical forms all will be provided to you.

Mostly, this will be a clinical seminar of demonstrations with all of you as the patients. Primarily, I am offering this class to the advanced students of cranial facial technique. You are the physicians that have shown the most interest in how to work with cranial injuries. One of the main focuses of this conference will be resolving 75% of TMJ disorders within a few moments. As well as demystifying SOT and simplifying cranial corrections. I learned how to do this through my deep hunger striving to be the best clinician

I could possibly be and by resolving my own injuries.

Advanced studies and internships with Richard Stober, John Upledger, Major DeJarnette, David Denton, Curt Buggingh, Victor Frank, Alan Beardal, George Goodheart, Wally Schmidt and many more, inspired my learning process. Now I need to share these tools before I pass on.

So, I realize that everything I would like to share would likely need more than one weekend. Hence, this will be the first of 3 classes for getting a full skill set. However, this first class will change how you practice forever…. in amazing ways!

Since this is something that will improve your patients’ outcomes, to continue with further training will be up to you. You won’t need to hire marketing companies; your patients will do that for you. You’ll need to change your fee schedule; patients want to pay more for better care and lasting results.

Also, to keep the seminar intimate and personal, the class size will be limited to 20 doctors only.

I have every hour accounted for…..so what’s going to be covered?
15 homeopathic remedies. These kits are the polycrests, remedies that cover 80% of a general practice.

There will be an additional kit available for purchase that is designed to address specifically the needs of the neuromuscular- skeletal, TMJ & cranial, and brain issues.

I’ve literally spent hundreds of hours designing these kits for simplicity and efficiency. What else? Deepening your ability to diagnose, employing concepts of traditional Chinese medicine and iridology. You will understand how to begin to interpret tongue 👅, eyes 👀 and nail 💅 symptoms with astute accuracy.

More? Use of the Bach Flower remedies to neutralize unresolved emotional wounds. With all the stress and fears of the world with our current challenges, we need to have tools and strategies to help people find their inner peace. This alone will be well worth attending this workshop.

There’s even more! I will share a technique to heal subconscious wounds that takes a couple of minutes, not NET, however I love using NET.

What else? A simple strategy to balance the meridians & vagus nerve with an exciting guest speaker & demo.

Wait, there’s more?! A classical homeopath, clinician and author teaching body typing, and nutrition therapies will be another fabulous guest speaker. She’s my family’s personal homeopathic doctor.

Finally, I will demonstrate several adjustments & how to correct overlooked subluxations. That’s going to be a very exciting and incredible boost to go where we need to for resolving chronic issues that go unrecognized.

Now, here are the details:

Because the class is limited to 20 participants, and this will be potentially the first of three, I believe you will want to take the next 2 classes for improving clinical skills, and I realize there is cost involved to travel here. Therefore I’m offering this incredible deal.

The class for the entire weekend will be $2,500 with your room and food INCLUDED.

To reserve your space, you can call my office with a credit card and pay a $1000 nonrefundable deposit, unless someone else can take your place.

If you want an even better deal, you can pay in full by January 31st for the Early Bird price of $2200.

I look forward to seeing you! Please make your arrangements now. My apologies for having to limit the availability to only 20 doctors, however, this is necessary for the intimate part of teaching effectively.

Please plan to arrive Friday March 3, 2023. Breakfast is at 8:30 am Saturday morning and the seminar begins at 9:00 am. Please call my office number below to register and call me directly if you have any questions or concerns.
Dr. Glenn B. Frieder
760 230-2928 home office
760 481-9210 iPhone