Glenn Frieder, D.C
Founder, Former Director of Acacia Health Center Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Cranial Osteopathy


Dr. Frieder has been training in and practicing a variety of healing modalities over the last 45 years. At age 15 he was paralyzed in an accident. After medical treatment failed he was literally carried into a chiropractic office where one chiropractic session enabled him to walk again. It was on that day that he made the decision to become a chiropractic physician and to devote his life to helping others. Dr. Frieder earned a Bachelor of Science in School Health Education and Biology in 1975, and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1979. He is a Certified Metabolic Physician and interned at Kelly Metabolic Cancer Clinic. He has trained extensively in chiropractic, naturopathy, osteopathy, homeopathy, and clinical kinesiology.

With over 45 years of clinical experience, Dr. Glenn Frieder, maintains a cozy home practice. Full circle through the journey of managing a full-service center, Dr. Frieder is happy to be offering one on one specialized attention to all his patients. Formally, Dr. Frieder was a faculty member at Bastyr Naturopathic Medicine University, San Diego, as a leader in National Health Education, Research, and Patient Care.

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Amber Walz, ND

Dr. Walz is a licensed naturopathic doctor who has a clinical focus in chronic illness, autoimmune disease management, skin conditions, hormone balancing, environmental medicine, and integrative approaches to support mental health and treat addiction. Dr. Walz integrates therapeutic methods and modalities of nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, craniosacral therapy, and neurofeedback. For more information, visit her website at: