Nasa Specific/Bilateral Nasal Specific (BNS) is a proven, reviewed, controlled approach and technique that works to unwind thebody and help it return to a more optimum function by widening the nasal passages and adjusting the cranial plates to releasing pinned up stress/pressure that effects the nervous system and it reestablishes/increases the flow of oxygen, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid to the body’s , nervous system, and to the brain.

The Nasal Specific Method

Nasal Specific uses finger cots, affixed/tied to a blood pressure bulb (a sphygmomanometer ) to deliver aneven and effective controlled amount of air to widen the nasal passages. The finger cot portion of this device is lubricated. The patient breaths out through their nose, this allows access and proper placement of the finger cot into the nasal passageway.The finger cot is gently tucked in around the outer edges of the nostril to insure that no outward bulging of the balloon occurs when it is inflated. The nostril is lightly compressed around the valve of the pressure bulb, so that no air can escape. The other nostril is left free and not compressed so air can escape. The patient then takes a deep breath in and holds it. By taking , the breath in it expands the joints/membranes of the nasal and cranial walls. The finger cot is then gently inflated and makes its way through the nasopharnx, of which there are 6-3 on each side, widening them as it goes along.

The finger cot/balloon is first inserted into the lower protion of the nose,
first one side then the other. This is done to keep facial, pressure, and symmetrical balance and optimize the benefits of this technique. It is then repeated in the middle passageways, then the top passageways. Then this process is repeated in the lower nasal passageway to help complete the full effect of nasal enhancement. Because the nasal passageways are stair stacked, and widening the upper two nasal pathways indeed compress the lower nasal passageway somewhat. Therefore, the lower nasal passageways are repeated to completely stimulate and to place nasal flaps in an upright position instead of an inverted position. Many times the greatest effect is accomplished after the bottom two nasals are repeated.

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