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At Glenn Frieder Chiropractic we look beyond symptoms to identify the core imbalance and then determine the best methods to restore balance and health. Your treatment may include a combination of services. Our experience has shown that a healthy diet, lifestyle, and natural methods that stimulate the body’s own innate healing mechanisms are the key to maintaining optimum health.

We combine age-old healing techniques such as chiropractic, homeopathy, and nutrition, with modalities on the leading edge, such as neuro-emotional therapy, kinesiology, and neuro-cranial restructuring to create a unique health approach tailored to your individual needs.

Glenn Frieder, D.C.

Dr. Frieder has been training in and practicing a variety of healing modalities over the last 45 years. At age 15 he was paralyzed in an accident. After medical treatment failed he was literally carried into a chiropractic office where one chiropractic session enabled him to walk again.

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Erin Keitel DC, MPH

After nearly a decade of living in the Bay Area, Dr. Erin is excited to be returning home to serve the North County community. She specializes in integrating traditional chiropractic adjustments with other complementary techniques to identify the root cause of underlying symptoms and release the source of interference within the nervous system. Dr. Erin is dedicated to helping families and people of all ages reconnect to their body and improve their overall well-being through chiropractic care.

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Pia Romano, Phd, CMT

I have been involved in the alternative health and healing profession for over 20 years. I began by studying Therapeutic Massage at a world-renowned Health Center in western MA. My bodywork education progressed by learning Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation through the Upledger Institute while developing a private practice.

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We treat our patients the way we would want ourselves to be
treated, with respect and kindness

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What Our Patients Say

“In only three sessions Dr. Frieder corrected most of my Scoliosis, realigned the bones of my skull so my face is even, guided me through a deep emotional release, and greatly increased my sense of well-being.”

B. Stone, Ph D, Author of Cancer as Initiation: Surviving the Fire

“Thank you for changing my life forever. After 30 years of agony, you helped me feel good again.”

A. Clarke

“You have made such a positive impact on my life. My physical health and my attitude have never been better. I’ve never experienced health-care like this at any level.”

R. Seiler

“I keep thinking about how Acacia Health Center healed me from my terrible, painful rheumatoid arthritis which doctors told me could not be healed. I am so grateful I can walk and run again.”

D. Hagen

“The doctors told me I would be on pain medication for the rest of my life. I never dreamed I would be able to play tennis and ride my bike again, but I am now doing those things with no pain. Each time I visit Acacia Health Center it is like magic.”

C. Kramer

“For over 20 years I suffered from unbearable migraines, some lasting up to 15 days. After only four cranial treatments with Dr Frieder, the headaches were eliminated and I have been pain free and migraine free for three years. I feel like I have my life back again.”

R. Wittenberg

Dr. Frieder is a miracle worker! I was in a car accident several years ago & I went to a very good chiropractor. However, my arm was not healing. I had the great good luck to hear about Dr. Frieder from a friend, who had been scheduled for shoulder surgery. Dr. Frieder cured her in 2 sessions and no surgery needed! Indeed, he put me back together as well. They should have taken Humpty Dumpty to Dr. Frieder!! In fact, Dr. Frieder also solved another medical problem I was having. I had an eye problem and was using over the counter eye drops. Dr. Friender reccomended homeopathic eye drops, which gave me more eye comfort and clearer vision.

C. Basu


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